Panchang in Hindu Astrology is a sort of Hindu directory. Literally it means”Five Limbs (parts)". It is an astrological diary that gives useful astrological information required by an astrologer. It is consulted for finding and selecting an appropriate and favorable time for important occasions, ceremonies or actions like marriage, education, travel, starting new business or project, examination, interview etc.

Basically, Panchang is used to match the current position of planets with the position of planets in a person's astrological chart so as to find and if required to look ahead to find astrologically good days and times for that person. It is an ancient method to synchronize our actions with good times so as to reduce obstacles and increase our chances for success. In other words, it helps in knowing what days and times are good for an individual and which ones may cause problems so as to avoid them.

The five parts of Panchang are described below:

1. Tithi or the lunar day
2. Din (vaar) or Day of the Week
3. Nakshatra or the Constellation
4. Yoga
5. Karan

The basic purpose of Hindu Panchangis to check various Hindu festivals and auspicious time (election- Muhurta). In the Hindu system of election, various element of Panchang constitute auspicious and inauspicious moments (Yogas) by combination of weekday-Tithi, weekday-constellation, weekdays-Tithis-constellations. In addition, individual weekdays, Tithis, constellations, Yoga and Karanas have been prescribed for specific activities which fructify during their currency.

For selecting an auspicious moment Panchang Shuddhi (purified-time) is fundamental. In addition favorable transits, purified ascendant, absence of malefic yogas, favorable Dasha (Hindu progression), name of doer, propitiations, chanting of Mantras, place of activity, social customs, omens, mode of breathing are also examined.

May God Bless you
Article by: Mr. Jayesh Dave
Date Write: 10 June, 2012