Origin of Vastu Purush

Their are different kinds of belief in the origin of Vaastu Purush. In which there are some complications too. For e.g. according to Raj Vallabh. Long back in a fight between Mahadevji and Monster named Adhank, a drop of Mahadevji's sweat fall on earth and it transformed into a huge built human being that made feared the earth and sky.

He was filled with immense strength. All the Gods and Goddesses complained this to Mahadevji, By the command of Mahadevji all the Gods and Goddesses put all their strength and dropped the huge structure face down on to earth and they stayed their. In this way "Vaastu Purush" was originated. In which the face of Vaastu Purush is facing down and the head is placed in the Ishaan corner. Brahmaji is placed in the center, the legs are aligned in the Netrastya direction, hands and legs joints in the Agni corner and Vayvya corner.Creation of Vaastu PurushIn a normal way to study the creation of Vaastu Purush and the placement of the Gods on it you need to have knowledge of the "Vaastu Pad". To construct any home or any other place and for the blessings of Vaastu Purush you need to get "Padvinyas". "Pad" means the base of a solid construction, which is required in every construction. As much as you increase the area of construction their is a increase in the "Vaastu Pad". In a proper way the calculation of Vaastu says it should be 64 Pads or 81 Pads for a ideal construction. For a construction of city or a temple 64 Pads is considered as an ideal size, for a construction of ideal home 81 Pads is considered as ideal and during the making of the entrance 43 Pad is considered ideal, for construction of Palace or Bunglow 100 Pad is considered ideal, during the construction of Well or lake 196 Pad is considered as the ideal size this is as per the Shilp Shastra.Looking towards the 81 Pads of Vaastu Purush the head is directed in the Ishaan corner and the legs are directed in the Netrastya.

1. On the head of Vaastu Purush lives Mahadevji
2. On the Right Ear lives Prajnay On the Left Ear lives Diti
3. On the Neck lives Aapdev On the Right Hand lives Shoulder Jay
4. On the Left Hand lives Shoulder Aditi On the Chest lives Sun and Earth
5. On the Heart lives Aapvata
6. On the Right Hand Forearm lives Gods of Indradi - Indra, Sun, Satya, Bhrash and Aakash
7. On the Left Hand Forearm lives Gods of Nagadi- Nag, Mukhya, Bhallat, Kuber, Shell
8. On the Right Hand live Savitra and Savita
9. On the Left Hand live Rudra and Rudradas
10. On the Sathad live Mrutyu and Metra
11. On the Stomach lives Brahma In the Center of leg live Jal and Indra
12. On the Right Knee lives Agni On the Left Knee lives Rog
13. On the Right Ankle lives- Pusha, Visay, Gruhsatah, Yam, Gandharva, Mrug
14. On the Left Ankle lives- Nadi, Sakriya, Pushpa, Varun, Asur, Sesh, Papyaksh
15. On the toe lives Pitru Dev

At the place of Brhama or the center of division of Vaastu Purush never construct pillars. Ish, Agni, Surya, Sami and Brahma these five points are considered to be the most sacred points. As this points are considered as the most sacred place never construct any pillars or walls on that place construct those place in a such a way so that the rays of sun fall on it but if Bathroom, Urinal, Storeroom or Heavy articles are placed in this points it creates problems for the owner of the house. In the same way at the place of Yam, Pitra, Dwarpal, Rog, Pap, Asur etc. it is feasible to place Heavy things or don't allow direct rays of sunlight on this places and never place the entrance door of house in this place this may create a problem. The three different types of Vaastu Purush are as under :

1. Sar Vaastu
2. Sthir Vaastu
3. Nitya Vaastu

Sar Vaastu :
In which the direction of the face of Vaastu Purush changes every month which is listed as under:

Month        English Month              Direction of Face
Bhadarvo   August-September      Southern Direction
Aaso          September-October     Southern Direction
Kartak        October-November      Southern Direction
Magsar       November-December  Western Direction
Posh          December-January      Western Direction
Maha         January-February        Western Direction
Fagan        February-March           Western Direction
Chaitra      March-April                   Nothern Direction
Vaishak     April-May                      Nothern Direction
Jeth           May-June                     Nothern Direction
Ashath      June-July                      Nothern Direction
Shravan    July-August                   Nothern Direction

Placing the door on the side where the Vaastu Purush is facing in the particular month is the best as per the Vaastu Shashtra.

Sthir Vaastu :
According to which the construction and design of the lobby and veranda is decided which is shown in the figure.

Nitya Vaastu :
According to Nitya Vaastu after the sunrise the first three hours the Vaastu Purush faces on the Eastern side and the next three hours Vaastu Purush faces the Southern direction.
Sunrise : During this period this is the best time to fix up for any good work or take out any Mahurat for starting a good work. This will help a lot.