Mangal Dosh

According to our vedic jyotish all the planets carry special value. For  marriage purpose we Indians stress on mars. But out of myth the name mars gives negative notion. People have started thinking mars means something wrong, something which will cause damage in the future it is not always so. It’s better to get in depth what it is? Or how will it affect the person and now create havoc of mars.

Efeect of Mars on Horoscope

Mars is an element of fire. Mars affects the person in many ways. People start behaving as aggressive, short tempered and hot headed. It leaves a strong impact on the house it stays.

Mangalik Kundali

The person in whom’s birth horoscope the mars is in first, forth, seventh, eighth and twelfth house it is called manglaik kundali.

1. First house: represents the person itself
2. Fourth house: represents pleasure
3. Seventh house: married life
4. Eight house: represents in-laws family
5. Twelth: represents physical relationship

Mars reflects strongly on physical relationship between the two partners. Only a few people know how important role it plays in the life of people bonded by the marriage.

Although mars will have an everlasting effect on people’s life and also have a problem in married life but if it is positive can turn into a blessing in disguise. Before deciding for the marriage only mars should not be considered many other planets play their role.

The Points to be Emphasized for Marriage

1. The moon sign as well as the lord (rashi swami) of both the partners sign
2. The people to be married should also stress on lagan signs and its lords
3. The sign of seventh house and its lords
4. Position of seventh house and the effect of various planets
5. Ones family background, his nature, his character, should also be considered

Discussion on this topic is endless and can take a whole lot of one’s patience but don’t panic–keep cool and take your time and decide your child’s fate.


May God Bless you
Article by: Mr. Jayesh Dave
Date Write: 14 June, 2012