How to Worship Laxmi Pooja at Home

We think something new will happen and come in our life hearing the name of ‘Diwali’ and really after Diwali, some changes come in our life because it is the specialty of this Festival to give something new. It gives love, happiness and prosperity in everyone’s life.

In our indian culture ‘Pooja’ (Worship) is very important and in every festival people has given more importance. Asvin month’s Krishna Paksh is called ‘Dhanteras’ and Asvin month’s Amavasya is called ‘Diwali’. People will do the ‘Laxmi Pooja’ on the day of ‘Dhanteras’ and ‘Diwali’ but many people do not know how to do Laxmi Pooja so they can not do it.

On these days, people will do the worship of ‘Kailash Dhan Raksha Yantra’ which protect your money during whole year and help in increasing money. Its live example was Dhirubhai Ambani who worships it a lot. You can also worship it.

Come on friends let we know how to the worship of ‘Laxmi Pooja’.

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Important Items needed during the Pooja :

- Kalash
- Mango leaves
- Idol or picture of Goddess Lakshmi and kailash dhan raksha yantra
- Milk, curd, honey, ghee
- Puffed rice
- Usual puja Sweets
- Coriander seeds
- Cumin seeds
- And other daily puja items

First and foremost step is to clean the house. Through the Pooja we are inviting Goddess Laxmi to our house and she likes everything to be neat and clean. In some communities, even the broom is worshipped on the Laxmi Pooja day. This symbolically represents the need for cleanliness.

Three forms of Shakti – Goddess Laxmi, Goddess Saraswathi and Goddess Durga –Lord Ganesh and Lord Kubera are worshipped on the day. No pooja is performed without paying customary tributes to Lord Ganesha. Lord Kubera, represents wealth, and he is the treasurer of Gods. In homes, usually the locker or safe in which gold and cash is kept symbolically represents the seat of Kubera.

Pooja Process:

- First decide on a place to perform the pooja.
- Spread a clean cloth and create a bed of rice.
- A Kalash (pot) is placed on the bed of rice.
- Fill about 75% of the Kalash with water.
- Put a betel nut, flower, a clean coin, and some rice in the Kalash.
- Now arrange mango leaves around the opening of the Kalash.
- Place a Thaali (a small plain plate) on the Kalash.
- On the Thaali, draw a lotus with turmeric powder and place the idol or small photograph    of Goddess Laxmi.
- Place some coins on the Thaali.
- On the right of Kalash, place the idol of Lord Ganesha.
- If you need, you can also place the idols of Saraswathi and your favorite deities.

Create a peaceful and calm atmosphere. The best way is to close the eyes and meditate on ‘om.’

- Take some water and sprinkle on all pooja items to purify them.
- Do pooja with haldi, kumkum and flowers on the Kalash.
- Light a lamp.
- Now take some flower and rice in the hands and close the eyes and meditate on    Goddess Laxmi. You are now invoking Goddess Laxmi. If you know mantras, recite    them. Otherwise just simply meditate on Goddess Laxmi. Here is a simple Sanskrit    mantra dedicated to Goddess Laxmi.

Namosthesthu Maha Maye,
Shree padee, sura poojithe,
Shanka, Chakra, Gadha hasthe,
Maha Laxmi Namosthuthe

- Now sprinkle the flowers and rice on the idol of Goddess Laxmi.
- Take out the idol of Goddess Laxmi and place it on a Thaali. Clean the idol with water,    then with milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar. Then clean the idol again with water.
- Place the idol back on the Kalash.
- Now offer garlands made of marigolds or leaves of bel tree, sandalwood paste, kumkum    and other daily Pooja items including lighting incense and agarbhatis.
- Now make offerings of coconut, fruits, sweets, betel nuts and betel leaves.
- Next make offerings of Batasha sweets, puffed rice, coriander and cumin seeds.
- Lastly, perform a silent Arati for Goddess Laxmi. And meditate on Goddess Laxmi.
- Take some of the ‘prasad’ (that will stay for long period of time) and place it at the place    where ornaments and cash is usually kept.

Business people also worship the account books on this day along with Goddess Laxmi.

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