Mr. Jayesh Dave (Senior Astrologer)

Background: He was born and brought up in Patan (N.G.) His parents were the biggest source of motivation and inspiration. He became a Reiki Grandmaster due to the support of his Father P.V. Dave (Guruji), the credit of a successful astrological career to his Guruji(Father). He self an astrologer, she always helps in his astrological research.

Experiance: 15 Years

Expertise: All type of Astrology, Numerology, Vastu, Face reading, Films & Cricket prediction and all types of remedies.

Education: M.A, B.ED


Telephone Consult Fees: Rs 1100.00

In case you need help before or after placing order, please feel free to contact Mr. Jayesh Dave on +91-8000 1000 18, +91-97251 75149 or Email us on [email protected]