Hotel Vastu

Before choosing a plot for restaurant or hotel check the land, the shape,  nearby road, Water Borewell, Parking arrangements according to Vaastu.

1. In the ground floor of the hotel the reception area and the restaurant can be made

2.The reception should be made in the South-Western direction

3. The receptionist standing at the reception should be facing Eastern or Northern direction

4. The kitchen should be made in the Agni corner and if possible make it more spacious

5. The gas stove in the kitchen should be facing the Eastern direction

6. Electrical things like Air conditioner, generator and other electrical things should be kept in the     Agni corner

7. Seeds, Oil and other food grains should be placed in the South-Western corner of the kitchen     and don't place it in the Vayvya corner

8. As shown previously the main door can be placed in any direction

9. The color of the restaurant can be matched with the horoscope of the restaurants owner for     this you need to consult your Vaastu consultant

10. The remaining things can be organized as per the office Vaastu

Telephone Consult Fees: Rs 1500.00
Personal Consult Fees: 2100.00

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