Hospital Vastu

It is essential to construct the Dispensary or Hospital according to Vaastu as it is essential for the patients who are admitted to get well soon and without any problems.

Testing of the land:

If the color of the plot is white or similar to white it is beneficial for Brahmins. If the color of the plot is red it is considered good for Kshtriyas. The yellow colored land is considered good for Vaishyas. If the color is mixed or black the land is considered good for other castes. It is said in the Mahurat Ganvati Literature.

Now we will see for the smell of the land. Sometimes if you are not able to find proper colored land you can also try for the perfect smell of the land which is also considered to be good. As said in the shlok above if the land smells like ghee it is considered good for Brahmins. If the land smells like blood it is considered good for Kshatriyas. If the land smells like grains or seeds than it is good for Vaishyas. If the land smells like liquor than it is good for other castes.

Other than this tasting it should also check the taste of the land. If the taste of the land is slight sweet than it is good for Brahmins. If it tastes a bit sour than it is good for Kshatriyas. If it is hot like chilli than good for Vaishyas. If the taste is not known to you than it is better for other castes.

For this kind of inspection you need to have a bit knowledge and practice for this. Cause different types of land have different colors, smell, tastes etc. by inspecting different types of land it will make you an expert in this.

Whether the plot is good is bad how would you know?

Before constructing a house on the plot it is essential to inspect the land thoroughly. During the time of sunset make a one feet deep, one feet in length and one feet in breadth hole and fill water into it. Go back in the morning and check if there is any water left in the hole then the plot is good for you. is you see the hole is dry but its muddy from inside than it can be considered as not so well for construction. But if the water is completely soaked by the land and there is no water left in the hole and there are cracks in the hole than it is not feasible to construct a house on that plot. So during the construction on these types of plot use good concrete at the base during the construction.

During the digging of the land before the construction of the house if any black piece of rock or brick is found it shows good health and there is chance of getting prosperous and wealth. And is during the digging any coal, hair or bones are found it is considered bad and will surely bring in problems for you.

By understanding the good and bad of the land you should do pooja for the land. Before constructing a house on any plot on every side their should be 4 feet deep holes digged. Until you find mud of different type than the top layer don't stop digging the land. When you find different layer land on the second half you can start constructing the house on it

How would you choose Plot or Place?

In between two big plots it is not feasible to construct a house on a small plot in between. These types of plot should not be purchased as this doesn't give good impact. The plot on which the North-Eastern or Ishaan corner is small or cut off these types of plot should not be purchased. The owner of these types of plots has to face huge losses. Sometimes in these types of plots the child also doesn't take birth. In a plot wherein on the North, East, South and West there are corners this types of plots are also not good. The plot which has more space on the North-Eastern corner means the Ishaan corner is considered good. But if the plot is stretched on the other sides it is not considered to be good. These types of plot bring bad luck for the owners. The plot which are uneven from the base and there is no possibility of any repairs on it this plots are useless for constructing house. In the neighborhood place if the rain water or dirty water flows from the Eastern or Northern direction and touches your plot it is not good for construction.

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