History of Vaastu

From centuries India is famous as country of saints and those saints believed in vaastushastra means such a theory which leads a human being to Dharma, Aarth, Kam and Moksha. Through vaastushastra a person makes his life successful and prosperous and also can attain eternity.

Inside story of Vaastushastra:-Dharma - Construction of a house should be such that people living in it can do religious activities so that their thinking becomes good and as a result quarrels and conflict between the families reduces. Even it helps in keeping illness away from the house.

Aartha - A house should be such that by living in it one can gain health, wealth, prosperity and fame. Kam - A house should be such that there is good aura around. A house therein there is love among life partners, where there are kids playing around and life of people living in it peaceful and happy. Moksha - An individual who performs good deeds through his entire life attains nirvana in the same way if u adds all the above element for the construction of your house then the house could be said to have done according to vaastu shastra. It is said that our body contains 75% of water, at the same time our body also contains 80% Sodium, 4% potassium and the rest 12% other chemicals. Even the creation of sea is done in the some way. The water of the sea contains 80% sodium, 4% calcium, 4% potassium and the rest 12% of other chemicals. If the moon in the sky is powerful enough to bring the tide in the sea then it is also capable to affect the human being and bring ups and downs in his life.

That is why on the full moon day the number of accidents that occurs are high, compared to the rest of the days. On the full moon day the earth and moon looses its balance in gravitational force and so on that day an individual makes a mistake. On the other hand if we see, our body has three parts, so if there is any imbalance in any of these three parts our body may loose its balance and we may fall ill. The same goes with vaastushastra if in a house, the gravitational force, magnetic force and cosmic force is not in proper proportion then there could be problems. And the proper and equal proportion of these can be known by vaastushastra so in short, office, house, shop, factory should be constructed according to vaastushastra.