Cancer Horoscope



Cancerian generally does not express their emotions. You tend to keep your emotions somewhere hidden in the innermost recesses of your heart. You are undemonstrative, but emotional and tenacious in your feelings. You are too much sensitive and caring and take a fancy to new and unusual things. Even if this tendency is well hidden from the rest of the world.The cancer personality is extremely protective of a vulnerable underside.

Love Life

Emotions play a very important role in the lives of cancerian.The Cancerian heart is filled with emotions but they will only expose them gradually with Faithful and loyalty. Cancerians think carefully before committing themselves to anyone, lest their emotional security is threatened and their trust broken. You tend to be attracted to an opposite number who is confident and successful.

Physical Appearance

You are medium height personality, your build is sturdy. Your complexion is generally smooth and free from pimples and blemishes. You have even teeth and a wide, sensuous mouth.


Cancerians like to feel secure in their surroundings, but uncertainly may give rise to depression. They tend to churn things over, and are therefore vulnerable to gastric disorders. For cancerians, the challenge is to try and let go of anxieties by learning to talk through their problems. You are very particular about having good food, but should be sparing in your diet and drinks, as your intemperate habits may lead to ill health.

Profession and business

You are highly ambitious when it comes to amassing wealth, but have to climb an uphill path. Wealth often eludes you. Even when you inherit patrimony or your children or relations may squander the same. You should avoid betting, speculation and horse-racing, as you are more likely to lose, rather than gain from them. You are generally successful as businessman/women, caterer, hotelier, seller, teacher, food scientist and antique dealer.

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