Origin of Vastu Shashtra


The elements of Vaastu Shastra are also mentioned in Veds, Ramayan & Mahabharat. Same way Vaastu Shastra was also mentioned in Vikramadityas "Nav Ratna", among those Nav Ratna one of the Ratna was Vara Mihir.

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Origin of Vastu Purush


Their are different kinds of belief in the origin of Vaastu Purush. In which there are some complications too. For e.g. according to Raj Vallabh. Long back in a fight between Mahadevji and Monster named Adhank, a drop of Mahadevji's sweat fall on earth.

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History of Vaastu

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From centuries India is famous as country of saints and those saints believed in vaastushastra means such a theory which leads a human being to Dharma, Aarth, Kam and Moksha. Through vaastushastra a person make his life succesful.

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