Birth Horoscope

Time is a very dynamic. Everyone does not get same time period in his life. In Which time we living today that time we will not get tomorrow. In man’s life good and bad things happens because of his deeds, no doubt about it. In ‘Geeta’, lord Krishana has said that deeds speed is not understandable. People face problems according their deeds.

‘Veda’s 6th part is Astrology which known as ‘Veda’s eye and work like eye so that peoples past, present and future we can see through kundali

Every person born on earth with their purvajanam’s deeds and related to those deeds their life’s chart has been created which is known as ‘Birth Horoscope’

Birth Horoscope:

Astrology science contains many types of Kundalis. For example Hora, Dveskon, Saptmas, Navmas, Davasans and Gishansh etc but Birth Horoscope plays a useful role. Peoples past, present and future are depended on Birth Horoscope. This Birth Horoscope will be generated through people’s Birth Date, Birth Time and through Birth Location. Because of to know on that date and time how’s situation of planets in heaven.   

Kundali shows us Astronomical chart in which cutting with same size of 360° ansh distribute in 30° Ansh. Each distributed parts known as 12 Home. This 12 home has its own importance which is shown below.

1st House: Mind, Nature, Caste, Self – (East Direction)
2nd House: Money, Family, Eye- (Northeast corner)
3rd House: Brother, Sister, Ear, Soldier-(Northeast corner)
4th House: Land, Home, Property, Mother, Heart- (North Direction)
5th House: Son, Education, Love, Abdomen- (Northwestern corner)
6th House: Disease, Enemy, Maternal uncle, Job, Kamasa- (Northwestern corner)
7th House: Husband, Wife, Marriage life, Partnership, Garbhasaya- (East Direction)
8th House: Age, Accident, Accidental Profit, penis- (Nerutya corner)
9th House: Destiny, Religion, Travel, Sathala- (Nerutya corner)
10th House: Occupation, Father, Politics, Dhicala- (South Direction)
11th House: Income, Profit, Foot- (Southeast corner)
12th House: Expense, Loss, Hospital, Legs of the bottom- (Southeast corner)

Astrology is like a mirror, which they see that they tell you. Astrologer may be wrong but your kundali can not be wrong. Today because of moon Tidal comes and because of Satellite we can talk and see Television. If man Satellite works affectively on us then it is a planet. But by your kundali you can solve your problems so that you can get some relief and can do your work smoothly. We have to face many problems if we have done bad deeds.

May God Bless you
Article by: Mr. Jayesh Dave
Date Write: 15 June, 2012