Blog on Atmosphere

This year rain starts from 21-06-2012 to 05-07-2012 which falls in all India. During this period sun remain in Ardra and Punarvasu Nakshatra so this year is very useful for farmers.

19-07-2012 is a vehicle of Horse which can indicate as medium rain fall. Around 16-08-2012 period can be a good for Rain in Mumbai, Puna and Maharashtra then after 15-08-2012 rain will be medium in Gujarat, Rajasthan.

At 13-09-2012 sun will be in uttara phalguni nakshatra which is a vehicle of sheep so during September period rain will be good in Uttarpradesh, Bihar, Karnataka, M.P and in North India. During this period because of heavy rain there are possibilities of Casualties.

During 10-10-2012 rain will be medium and after at the starting of Diwali there are a possibilities and prediction of heavy rain fall.

Through Heavenly possibilities of some incident in different countries:

1) In India and in other countries there are possibilities of Earthquake, incidents, Vibration and violence.
2) In this year because of Global recession many people have to tolerate many difficulties.
3) Through terrorism there are possibilities of large-scale loss in different countries.
4) Because of black money issue the economy of country will be affected and Civil war happens and on politics level there are possibilities to change authority.
5) There are possibilities of mental pressure for Central government and for the king of the country and they can take wrong decisions.
6) Because of earthquake, railway accident and Tsunami There are possibilities of economy problems in India, Japan, China, Pakistan and Russia.
7) Beware from neighbor countries because there are possibilities of Betrayal from them.
8) After November 2012, the economy condition of Japan and Eastern Countries will be strong.

May God Bless You

Blog by: Mr. Jayesh Dave
Date Write: 25 June, 2012