Assembly Elections 2012 in Himachal Pradesh

Prem Kumar Dhumal is the 12th and current chief minister of Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. He is an Indian politician who is a 2 time Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh from March 1998 to March 2003 and again since 31 December 2007.

Himachal Pradesh will elect its legislators on 4th November 2012. Results will be announced on 20th December 2012. Himachal Pradesh is one of the Indian provinces lying in the region of Western Himalyan range. Himachal Pradesh has a medium HDI of 0.681. According to National Family health survey (NHFS), Himachal Pradesh ranks has second lowest female fertility rate due to which the population of the state is likely to decline in the coming decades. It has very low birth rate of 1.9 children per woman which had helped state to get rid of overpopulation. Almost 90% of Himachal Pradesh is well equipped with electricity. The state has a high sex ratio of 974 females per thousand males. It ranks fifth in the literacy rate which is 83.78%, higher than national rate. It ranks fourth in life expectancy at 67 years, higher than the national rate of 63.5 years. Himachal Pradesh's economy is one of the largest in country, as of 2009, nominal GDP per capita was US$1,273. Television ownership is the fourth largest in the country.

The legislative assembly has 68 seats, 42 of which were won by the BJP in the previous election.

Astrological Research:

1) P.K Dhumal’s horoscope is very powerful.
2) The House positions of ‘Lagnesh’ and ‘Saptmesh’ indicates to create something new.
3) The lord of 2nd house sun is in his destiny house which indicates name and fame in      politics.
4) In ‘Gocher Horoscope sani’s transition from lagnesh is very good for him.
5) The stars of him gives big success.

The Prediction of Assembly elections 2012 in Himachal Pradesh:

Astro Macho analyzes and predicts that there is a big chance for BJP to win in election 2012 from the horoscope of Mr. P.K Dhumal.

Blog by: Mr. Jayesh Dave
Date Write: 12 October, 2012