Topaz Gemstone

Topaz bestows the wearer with material wealth and prosperity. It also  relieves one of depression. It helps cure heart complications, migraines, liver problems, diarrhoea, rheumatism, ulcers, insomnia, arthritis, jaundice, impotency and gout. Topaz is favourable for those born under Gemini, Libra    and Scorpio sun signs.

Full Profile of Topaz Gemstone:

Name :

The word "topaz" comes from a Sanskrit word meaning hear of fire.

Indian Name : Topaz
Formation : Topaz is formed by pneumatolytic processes; i.e. those in which the action of hot gasses plays an important part.
Sources :
Brazil and Sri Lanka. Pink topaz is found in Pakistan and Russia. Although topaz is far from common in sizes suitable for gem use, It is a mineral of wide-spread occurrence. It is found in other than gem quality in many countries and in many kinds of deposits.
Colors : The purest form of Amethyst is colorless and the finest quality is in shades of purple, lilac and mauve.
Properties :
Specific Gravity :
Refractive Index : 1.606-1.638
Hardness : 8
Advantages :
It assists in general tissue regeneration
It releases tension and gives feelings of joy
Encourages Celibacy.
Strengthens immunity, while energizing and purifying the blood.
Relieves headaches and improves blood sugar imbalance.

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