Taurus Horoscope



Taurus is the most practical and stubborn sign of the zodiac. Perseverance is the main key to your personality. Your strong will power and determination generally carries you to great heights. You are ruled by Venus, the planet of love. You are caring hearted, sympathetic and loyal. You are a good friend but also a great enemy too. Your powers of articulation and expression are exceptional. You tend to be reserved and shy until you get to know a person very well. You have had a marked aversion for sycophants and devious people and end up making enemies and your fight with them is, more often than not, a do or dies battle. Sometimes it is difficult to control you once your ire was aroused.

Love Life

You are practical by nature, you're surprisingly romantic. Your romance begins only after you have observed that your prospective partner has all or most of the qualities that appeal to you. You are in the courtship stage, you are very ardent and caring and patient. You can wait almost endlessly for your partner. Once married, you look for unshakable stability. However, romance and a highly passionate approach to it are the bedrocks of your marriage. Contrary to general belief, you want romance and love to be an adventure--but one which provides you not just wild thrills but security as well.

Physical Appearance

A well built and stocky, you tend to put on weight easily. Your skin is soft and glowing, Taurians are quiet noticeable and your lips are well shaped. Your movements are graceful and coordinated.


Taurus also rules the throat, neck and voice. Overdoing things often result in muscle tension in this area, or laryngitis. Regular, gentle massage should ease stiffness in the neck muscles. Their natural weak spot in the throat may lead to long-lasting colds. If this happens, taureans should re-think their diet and take up some form of exercise.

Profession and business

You are generally successful as a businessmen and financiers. You can be good singer dancer, art dealer, banker, civil servant, writer, models, jeweler, architect, gardener, and farmer. You manage to find opportunities to increase profits or expand business where others see none. You also tend to instinctively find above average avenues of investment. The best deals that you strike are generally those connected with land or property.

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