Scorpio Horoscope



You have a strong and dominating personality, with strong will power. But this is sometimes misleading as you basically have a kindly disposition, unless you have an ‘enemy’ in which case you are quick-tempered, and vindictive. Generally, you never forget a grudge, and take revenge even after a long time. You do not prefer a frontal attack, and opt for indirect means. Subtle strategies and conspiracies hold a special fascination for you. Therefore, you must be specially beware of Scorpio’s who may happen to be your ‘enemies.’ You are not only subtle, but energetic too. Generally, people around you are quick to note that you have a keen and penetrating intellect, combined with great dynamism. You are also analytical, skilful and patient, and have literary abilities and creative talents.

Love Life

You are considered ‘very sexy’, and are intense lovers, with the attraction being more of physical craving than pure love. It is probable that there may be a tragedy in the first part of your life, and you may marry a second time. If this sorrow is not due to the death of the spouse, it may be connected with the death of some other deeply loved one.

Physical Appearance

Generally fine boned with a glowing complexion, large eyes, a pert nose and a charming smile, you tend to walk with a gliding movement. Your bodily actions are usually soft and refined instead of being clumsy and ungainly.


You are extremely energetic and recuperate very quickly from illness. You need to be careful from these diseases i.e. Bladder disorder, genitor urinary diseases, prostate or menstrual problems, piles are likely.

Profession and business

The most suitable professions for you are those related to music, art and scientific pursuits. You also do well as doctors, particularly, as surgeons in departments of public health. You make good architects, executives in industry, officers in the military and navy, chemists, heads of institutions, mechanical engineers, machinists, sales managers, etc. In journalism and literature, you often succeed as critics. You are shrewd at business matters, and financially, you generally do well. But you like to make a lot of money all at once.

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