Sagittarius Horoscope



You are usually quite brilliant, noble and refined. You are swift and sudden in speech and action. Sometimes you speak out your mind even before the other person has finished a sentence. You are truthful, and keep your promises. You are bold, free and dashing. You make friends easily, and are attached to them. You are socially successful, and many persons of high standing will become your patrons. But some of them will prove to be highly treacherous, and will almost result in your loss of position. Your enemies will prove to be very bitter and persistent. You should take care that your position and prosperity are not threatened by the mischief of your enemies.

Love Life

Unless you have the right partner, love loses much of its lustre for you. Arrangements for convenience's sake are not really your cup of tea and though you may have to keep up appearances, you'll soon become frigid or cold, unable to give yourself fully despite making an effort. Many of you often have a secret liaison, or have a partner who is sensitive, full of life and understanding -- a rare combination. However, you do need to be continually assured of the other person's feelings, just as you believe in a continual reaching out.

Physical Appearance

Generally fine boned with a glowing complexion, large eyes, a pert nose and a charming smile, you tend to walk with a gliding movement. Your bodily actions are usually soft and refined instead of being clumsy and ungainly.


You should be careful from injuries and diseases of hips and things, Liver disorders, Sciatica, Sagittarians are known for their energy and love of sports. But they can also be lazy, expecting a naturally fine physique to absorb the excesses of a careless diet. Paralysis of limbs.

Profession and business

You can succeed well in teaching, in the field of religion and law, in politics, administration, and also in business or banking. You are good sports persons, fond of hunting and the outdoor life and would do well in any occupation connected with them. You have a strong dramatic sense as well, and can also do well in occupations connected with the stage.

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