Pisces Horoscope



You have a kind, loving, truthful and sympathetic nature. You are courteous and hospitable helpful humane and you could not harm any one even if you try it. Being a dual sign, you are a puzzle to others and even to yourself. You are sweet tempered and social. Led away by fancies and new ideas, yet always polite and modest. At times you are over anxious and become disheartened, indecisive and lacking in life and energy. You use the best of circumstances to great advantage. Of varying moods, over liberal, keep hopes on other's promises; rely on friends and many times suffer at your hands. Often like drinking, love psychic and occult sciences. You are best suited to be poets, musicians, in the Planning Commission or a similar organisation, painters, nrses, caterers, teachers, accountants, bankers, actors, liaison officers etc.

Love Life

You are strongly attracted to romance and look for a combination of good looks and intellect in your partner. However, you tend to be suspicious by nature towards your partner, which can kill your love.

Physical Appearance

You are generally of short stature with a tendency to be plump, short limbs, a ‘full’ face, pale complexion, and a tendency to develop a double chin, muscular and spherical shoulders. You have big and protruding eyes, soft and silky hair and a wide mouth.


Pisceans feet and toes cause them the most anxiety. You are tend to get influence by these diseases i.e. lymphatic system, pituitary gland, bunions, chilblains, drink and drug problems.

Profession and business

You can be successful as accountants, bankers, as performers in music and opera houses, cinema, practitioners of occult sciences, actors, liaison officers, personnel in medical and education departments. You have good business ability. You are endowed with skills which will bring you wealth and power.

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