Libra Horoscope



You are gentle, compassionate and have an affectionate nature. You are large-hearted, with strong passions. You have a keen sense of honour and justice. In case of a dispute, friends and acquaintances are likely to turn to you as an arbitrator. If you are appointed as judges, you keep the scales even. You have a keen aesthetic sense as well, and are fond of beauty and symmetry. Your judgements are on the dot but sometimes, you tend to be hesitant and indecisive, preferring to err on the side of diplomacy and tact. You often achieve a good position in life due to unexpected assistance from relatives. In religious matters, you are broad-minded, and want to follow the good and moral tenets of all religions and philosophies. However, you meet serious opposition in life from people in the field of religion and law.

Love Life

You are inclined to go through more than one relationship before deciding whom to marry. You are affectionate by nature, and make good friends. Sometimes your friendship is mistaken as love by the opposite sex. You should in fact avoid self-indulgence in matters of sex and affection, and should not enter into bonds of matrimony with the first person you like.

Physical Appearance

Physically, you don't appear to be too strong and robust at first glance but you actually have great stamina. Your skin usually has a healthy glow to it and people often envy the texture of your hair.


Difficulties in close relationships can cause great stress for Librans, leading to nervous tension, irritability and may be sexual problems. Exercises that require mental and physical balance. Yoga will help you to achieve the greater self control they probably need.

Profession and business

You succeed in law, art, music, dealing in merchandise, mechanics, or professions connected with wines, spirits and liquors, science and navigation.

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