Leo Horoscope



You are courageous and domineering. You never want to give way. You are honest, frank, creative, and straight forward. Leos are warm, sunny and outgoing. You are enterprising and like to command. In fact, your strongest instinct is to rule and command. You love authority. You shun inferior jobs and are fond of a life of luxury. You tend to be religious, and are usually connected with religious or charitable organisations. You also have a fondness for art and literature. You have a strong desire to travel, and have a preference for aristocratic society.

Love Life

Leos spare no expense when couting a new love. They are very demonstrative and loyal and almost continually in the throes of passion. Remaining very faithfull.They only loose their sparkle when love begins to fade. Happiness knows no bounds for Leos in love their big hearts and warm emotions really come into their own when they fall for someone.

Physical Appearance

Physically, you are strong and have abundant energy and fire which is reflected in your swift movements. Your constitution is generally very robust, and if you fall ill, you recover soon. Often, you are blessed with ‘fashion model’ looks.


Back problem can bevadded to if the Leo becomes overweight, a daily brisk walk will tone up the whole body, keeping the muscles in the back supple so that they are more able to take the strain. You could get heart diseases and spinal meningitis.

Profession and business

You are magnanimous and are, therefore, unable to save in proportion to your income. Business partnerships lead to litigation, which should be settled out of court. There is a danger of part of your property being destroyed by fire. In financial matters, you may not get a square deal from your brothers and sisters, and this may even lead to litigation.

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