Aquarius Horoscope



You have strong intuitive and psychic powers. You possess a strong will-power, and are hard-working. You are fond of solitude, and are patient and persevering in your efforts. Religious and philosophical, yet you are not bigoted. You see religion and philosophy as a manifestation of beauty and harmony, and a means of universal love and service to mankind.

Love Life

Very often, you tend to be rebels when it comes to love and romance. And the opposition that was put up to your relationship becomes a matter of pride in later years. Values mean a lot to you and you're generally steadfast and true to each other. However, once a chink appears in your relationship, you're likely to go through with more than once fanciful relationship. The physical side of love means as much and often more than bonds of affection and your partners are seldom dissatisfied. Given certain situations, it’s generally you who tends to look for deviations.

Physical Appearance

You are broad shouldered and large-boned, you have a considerable amount of grace and your physical appearance is usually quite striking. Many of you possess high cheek bones and a winning smile.


Aquarian ailment is said to represent a feeling of being overworked and overburdened gregarious. Generally aquarians are effected by the ailments i.e. calf and ankle injuries, varicose veins, poor calculation, blood diseases, heart palpitations.

Profession and business

You are not so keen on building your bank balance, yet, you do save money, which you are inclined to use for the benefit of the public at large.

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