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Before the placement of House according to Vaastu Shastra the study and knowledge of the Pads of Vaastu Purush is very essential. Every room in the house has to be organized as per the Pads which are as under.

Ishaan corner means the place for Gods means the Pooja Room should be placed,Eastern side should be the place for Bathroom, On the Agni Corner the Kitchen and in the Northern direction the costly jewellery, locker etc is to be placed.

Now which rooms should be placed in which corners are given below :

1. Main Entrance : North, East, South direction and in the Pushya corner in Western direction

2. Pooja Room : In the Ishaan Corner

3. Kitchen : In the Agni corner or Vayvya corner

4. Sitting Room : In the open space of the center of the house

5. Drawing Room : In the Ishaan corner or in the center of the house

6. Dining Room : In the Southern corner or in the Western side

7. Safe : In the Northern or Eastern side in the center part

8. Guest Room : In the Vayvya corner

9. Bathroom : In the Eastern side

10. Urinal : In the Southern side or, Netrastiya side or, Western side

11. Gods Room : In the centre of Netrastiya and Western side

12. Staircase : In the Southern and Netrastiya direction

13. Overhead Tank : In the Southern, Western or Netrastiya corner

14. Place of Water : In the Ishaan corner

15. Place for Grains : In the Vayvya corner

16. Place for Medicine : In the Ishaan corner

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