Factoty Vastu by astromacho 

The construction of Factory or Manufacturing Plant or Business Place should be done according to Vaastu and also before choosing the land follow the rules as shown before Check for the shape and the flow of the land before choosing the place for Factory also follow the rules under mentioned :
1. For making a factory leave more space in the Northern and Eastern direction

2. The Watchman’s room should be made in the Vayvya corner and the direction of the door of the room should be in the Northern or Eastern direction

3. The Storeroom should be made in the Netrastiya corner

4. The room of the Manager of the factory should be made facing Eastern or Northern direction

5. In the Ishaan corner well, Borewell or tank can be made. In the remaining space don’t construct anything

6. The workers room can be made in the Agni corner or in the Vayvya corner and never make the rooms attached to the main factory

7. The toilet can be constructed in the Agni or Vayvya corner

8. The workshop of the factory can be constructed in the Southern, Western or Agni corner.

9. The Weighing scale can be placed in the Eastern direction or Northern direction

10. The machinery or things related to fire can be place in the Agni corner like Generator, Transformer, Bhatti, Motor, Engine etc

11. The Raw Material should be placed in the Netrastiya corner

12. The Finished goods should be kept in the Vayvya corner so that the finished gets sold immediately

13. The down flow of the road of the factory should be in the Eastern or Northern direction

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