Signature Analysis

Signature reading is an interesting study. It is supposed to reveal unknown characteristics of a personality. Signature analysts believe that while analyzing behavior of a person, signatures are more revealing than handwriting. While writing, several thoughts run amok in the mind and lead to variations in the handwriting.

Signature, on the contrary, is not subject to such frequent variations. For Signature Reading you just need to provide us your all types of signature copies.

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What does my current signature say?

Signature Analysis Personality. We should ask ourselves “What does my current signature say?” and “Are there “alerts signs” in my signature that other people see and that I do not even register?” Maybe all of this will help us reflect for our self-knowledge.

Signature Analysis Personality: Text and Signature

Signature Analysis Personality. The text symbolizes the way in which we conduct ourselves in life and how we wish to be identified. It is the image we present before others. The text is studied through the graphical aspects that we have mentioned several times, layout, shape, dimension, slant, speed, continuity and pressure that will reflect who we are today in our present situation and will also allow to infer the future behavior. The graphological study analyzes the signature and text as a whole, quite on the contrary, there would be information missing. In the signature, we project our deepest being, our personality. In the graphological test, the signature is analyzed after the other graphological aspects have been studied. It is very usual that our signature is modified throughout time and does not accompany us for our entire life, due to evolution and the maturity of our personality.

Signature Analysis Personalitye. We ask ourselves about the meaning of the signature.

  • How are “scrawled” and illegible signatures interpreted?
  • What does an end period mean in a signature?
  • And signatures that only include initials or capital letters?
  • Signatures between parallel lines?
  • What kind of signatures should we avoid?

When we look at a signature, the first thing that strikes us is its global structure (it is observed as a “gestalt” that means looking at “the whole” as if it were a picture, without discriminating details.) It must be clear, legible and with simple shapes and harmonic dimensions, there must be equilibrium in the curves, angles and straight lines that form it and keep relationship with the text that goes along with it. Let us get into detail.

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