Ram Raksha Yantra raj

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This Yantra is said to establish peace and harmony on the domestic front. This Yantra destroys all the evils and protects the person from all sorts of difficulties.

Family problems, social problems, personal problems, and solutions..  JUST TRY ONCE 

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Size  : 3×3 ( Available in more size ) Pure copper and high quality.

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About Ram Raksha Yantra raj:

This Yantra is said to remove all turmoil at home, and establish peace and harmony.


It enhances prosperity. It also helps to overcome all kinds of difficulties. This Yantra should be used to get freedom from all perils, obstacles in the way of your success, gain, all round prosperity, fame and luxury. Ramraksha Yantra destroys all the evils and protects the person from all sorts of difficulties.

How to Use the Yantra:

This Ram Raksha Yantra can be established at home on Tuesday or Thursday in the morning after washing it with uncooked milk and Gangajal. This Yantra should be established in the Pooja room. By the truthful use of this Yantra, person can not be affected by souls, spirits and is blessed with health, wealth and happiness. Regular worshipping of this Yantra would be good and will produce auspicious results.

Below are some of the steps which you should follow while using the Yantra:

You can wear the Yantra in a Black/Red thread or in a Silver/Gold chain if it is a locket Yantra.

If the size of the Yantra is large, then you can place it in your room/office/shop.

You can also hang it on the wall of your room/office.

You can keep the Yantra in your front pocket of your shirt or in your wallet if it is a pocket size Yantra.

Mantra of the Yantra:

|| Ram Ramete Ramete, Rame rame manorame Sahasre nam Tatulyam,Ram Nam Varanane ||


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