Cat Eye Gemstone


Cat’s eye Chrysoberyl basically belongs to the family of Alexandrite. It protects the wearer from evil spirits. It shows the wearer the right way to success and happiness. A familiar, yet a powerful talisman, Cat’s-eye Chrysoberyl has the power to attract fortune.
It protects the wearer from evil spirits and keep disasters at bay. Leos stand to benefit from this gemstone.

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Name :

The word “cat’s eye” is given since it has a chatoyant glowing from inside like the eye of a cat and having white fibers.

Indian Name : Lahasunia
Formation :
Formed of an aluminate of beryllium – a mixture of aluminum and beryllium – having traces of oxide of iron and chromium, which serve as coloring agents and give it brownish and greenish tinges.
Sources : It is found in Sri Lanka, Brazil and China.
Colors :
Cat’s eye is found in many colors: yellow, black, dark or smoky-green, and white. The only thing common to all shades is the band of light moving across the stone, the chatoyance.
Properties :
Specific Gravity :
Refractive Index : 1.74 – 1.75
Hardness : 8.5
It has high specific gravity – heavier than average stone of the same size
Advantages : Promotes concentration and the ability to learn.
Ensures the welfare of children.
Ensures quick marriage.
Ensures victory over enemies and protection from enemies.
Grants philosophical disposition and activity of the mind.
Protects from accidents, pimples and skin diseases.
Fancy Facts
The cat’s eye most of all is seen as a particularly effective protective stone and talisman.
Astro Details:
Zodiac :
Planet : Ketu
Day : Thursday

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3 Carat, 5 Carat