Flat Vastu

In this fast moving world and today's competitive world purchasing a land and making our own house is very expensive. That's the reason people  now days prefer to have a flat but after purchasing a flat its real hard to arrange it according to Vaastu. Most of the renowned builders try to design the flats as per Vaastu.

Those builders who doesn't design the flats as per Vaastu they should try to follow this rules :

1. First of all try to choose a flat which is facing Northern or Eastern direction. Never choose a flat     which is "L" shaped

2. Always choose a square or rectangle shaped flat with no gaps within. If there is a gap try to     choose the gap in the Ishaan corner

3. The staircase in front of the house should be in the clockwise direction

4. The flats in the Southern or Western direction should have maximum height Garden or a common     plot in the house should be in the Eastern direction

5. The lift can be placed in the Southern or Western direction

6. The main entrance of the house can be kept in the Northern or Eastern direction or in between     them

7. The opening of the main door can be placed in the Northern or Eastern direction

8. The kitchen can be built in the Agni or the Vayvya corner of the house

9. The best place for building a kitchen is the Ishaan corner

10. The arrangement of all the other rooms can be made as per the previously shown arrangements     of the house

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Personal Consult Fees: 2100.00

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