Din (vaar) or Day of the Week

Basically, Panchang is used to match the current position of planets with the position of planets in a person's astrological chart so as to find and if required to look ahead to find astrologically good days and times for that person. It is an ancient method to synchronize our actions with good times so as to reduce obstacles and increase our chances for success. In other words, it helps in knowing what days and times are good for an individual and which ones may cause problems so as to avoid them.

Din (also called Vaar) (Day of the week): The days of the week along with the ruler planet in the brackets are:

1. Sunday (Sun)
2. Monday (Moon)
3. Tuesday (Mars)
4. Wednesday (Mercury)
5. Thursday (Jupiter)
6. Friday (Venus)
7. Saturday (Saturn)

May God Bless you
Article by: Mr. Jayesh Dave
Date Write: 28 June, 2012