Many Astrologers claim that their astrology is 100% and gives 100% guarantee but no one is 100% in world except God. Real things are depended on experience for example you are not capable to diagnose people even you are a doctor you need experience. In many Astrologers have disagreements because they have lack of knowledge. Remember that every great people have some similarity because they are real. I hope that you will get lots of benefits and true guidance and solution of your problems through this website and your future will become bright.

About Mr. Jayesh Dave


Do people who are blessed with intelligency and skills need anything else?

Of all the people made by god only a few are selected for service to humanity and be like a guiding star.

Aamongst few loved ones i am talking about ”Mr. jayesh daveji”. He originally belongs to ‘patan’ from ‘uttar gujarat’ but at present is residing in ‘ahmedabad’. He has done his masters in ‘sanskrit’ alongwith graduation in astrology. He showed interest in astrology as early as 14 years of age and started learning the facts and skills gradually leading him near perfection.

Friends! some times problems, circumstances force us into conditions when we become depressed and don’t like to trust anybody.

We feel darkness all around, we find it very difficult to choose the correct path and find ourselves in dilemma.

We want the blessings of god to choose between the right and wrong. and only he can lead us but the fact is, god does not talk to us one to one.

We need somebody, whom we can trust, who can answer our queries, the person who answers who? why? when?

For many such situation one seeks the guidance of an expert astrologer seeking astrological advice is not enough because people have become money minded and may lead you astray. instead of proper help they may only tell what they think you want to hear. misleadings may result into greater depressions. when we approached to a doctor he may guess the disease only by hearing the symptoms, but the final diagnosis and its treatment depends on the various tests conducted and that proves the ability of a doctor. a particular doctor attains expertise in his particular fields and then only can satisfy his patients in the same way. an astrologer who has mastered his skills best can only give you the best solution.

My opinion about jayeshji is just as appropriate as this. he has learnt not only reading the art of ‘horoscope’ but also family condition, pal mistry, face reading, vastu shastra etc. he reflects deeply on the matter, tries to find all the possible answers and then give the best solution.

I am the living example of this. as against today’s trend of self appreciation and money making, he is the one who gives right guidance under the blessing of almighty.

May God Bless you

– Jahnavi Joshi, Mumbai

Your predictions are eerily accurate. Thank you for your last reading which was like soup for the soul
-- Pradip Saxsena, Delhi