Poorvashadha Nakshatra

Dasha ruler :Venus
Symbol : a winnowing basket
Deity : Varuna (water deity)
Rulership : people who are tenderhearted, navigators, fisherman, aquatic animals, truthful, pure and wealthy, constructor of bridges, those who live by the water, aquatic flowers and fruits.
Moon in Poorvashadha : one has an agreeable wife giving comforts and happiness. One, is honorable and a loyal friend.  
Attributes : Spread from 13'20" up to 26'40" Dhanu Rashi.

Lord is Guru, the deity is "Varun' (lord of the Waters), symbol a 'hand fan'. Its attributes are extensiveness like that of the waters, concealment, protection of the dependant, firmness in danger, kindness, forgiving nature, power of endurance, will to win, biding time for opportunities for victory, declaration of war, the courage never to submit or yield, travel by water, cold things, marine life, fish or anything concerning fish trade, bridge-making, fisherman's occupation, the watery part of the human system, the watery diseases like Brights' disease, kidney trouble, things that float on waters including boats, ships and other vessels, mist i.e. barges, all these things come within the purview of this star. According to some, the deity of 'Poorvashadha' is 'Daksha' the son of Prajapati. He was the father of 'Sati', he was the most powerful among Gods but having incurred the displeasure of Shiva he was beheaded and had a goat's head in place of his own. From this it is possible to ascribe attributes like truth, desire and other qualities of Puru, Kuru, Pururaba and others to this star.

May God Bless you
Article by: Mr. Jayesh Dave
Date Write: 11 June, 2012