Jyestha Nakshatra

Dasha ruler : Mercury
Symbol : a protective talisman
Deity : Indra, (the king of the gods)
Rulership : great battle heroes, those who are noted for pedigree, wealth and fame, thieves, kings who are intent on conquests and commandants.
Moon in Jyestha : the person has few friends, is content, lives a virtuous life, but easily gets angry. 
Attributes : Spread from 16'40" up to 30'00" degree Vrischika Rashi, Lord is Mangal, the deity is Indra, equivalent to Ravi, the King of the firmament. 

Indra is the great lord, the mighty warrior and a hero among heroes by tradition and in the plenitude of power he reigns supreme. He is the first among courtesans. When this star is unfavourable it causes sorrow and poverty. Anthropomorphically it is the middle finger and Neck of Kalapurush.


May God Bless you
Article by: Mr. Jayesh Dave
Date Write: 11 June, 2012