Makar sankranti 2020

As The Sun Starts Northward Journey.
He Makes All The Happines Of Throughout This Year.
I Wish You And Your Family
A Very Happy Makar Sankranti.
Makar Sankranti marks the commencement of the Sun's journey to the Northern Hemisphere
(Makara raasi ), signifying the onset of Uttarayana Punyakalam, and is a day of celebration all
over the country. The day begins with people taking holy dips in the waters and worshipping the
Makar Sankranti is the most popular Hindu festival in India. It is widely celebrated in most parts
of the country. Makar Sankranti is also widely popular in the World with different name like
Kites Festival, Uttarayan and others. Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala are the most
popular states for celebrating Kites Festival in India.

Meethe Gud Main Mil Gaya Til,
Udi Patang Aur Khil Gaya Dil,
Har Pal Sukh Aur Hardin Shanti
Aap Ke Liya Happy Makar Sankranti

Purchase/Buy Kites for Kites Festival:

Most of young people in India fly kites on this auspicious day. So, buying kites on the day of
kites festival is the primary source to enjoy the festival with friends and family members. Most
of shops will sell kites and thread to customers for the celebration of Kites Festival 2020. So, buy
as per your budget to celebrate the Makar Sankranti 2020.
Til and Rice are two important ingredients of this festival. In the rice-eating belt of Bihar and
eastern Uttar Pradesh, people have a special rice-centric meal on this day. Also known as
Gangasagar Mela, on this day, people come from all over India for a ceremonial cleansing in the
river Hooghly, near Calcutta.
– Maharashtra: when two persons greet each other on this festive day, they exchange a few
grains of multi-colored sugar and fried til mixed with molasses and say "til gud ghya, god god
bola" (henceforth, let there be only friendship and good thoughts between us).
– Gujarat: The pundits consider Sankranti as an auspicious day to grant scholarships and
certificates of merit to students who have successfully completed their studies in philosophy. In

a Hindu household, new utensils are purchased and used for the first time. Brightly colored
kites    dot the skies on this day.
– Karnataka: Men, Women and Children attired in colorful tunics visit friends and relatives
and    exchange pieces of sugarcane, a mixture of fried til, molasses, pieces of dry coconut,
peanuts    and fried gram. The significance of this exchange is that sweetness should prevail in
all the    dealings. As part of the festival, cows and bulls are given a wash and the horns are
painted with    bright colours and decorated with garland, and are taken in a procession in the
village to the    accompaniment of pipes and drums. In the night a bonfire is lit and the animals
are made to jump    over the fire.
– Andhra Pradesh: It is a big event for the Tamils and the people of Andhra Pradesh. The
Telugus    like to call it 'Pedda Panduga' meaning big festival. The whole event lasts for four
days, the first    day Bhogi, the second day Sankranti, the third day Kanuma and the fourth day,

Special Food on Makar Sankranti / Kites Festival:

Most of housewives prepare special food on the celebration of Makar Sankranti. In Gujarat state,
most of people prepare various types of food to celebrate kites festival with great joy and
enjoyment with their family members, friends and relatives. So, it is best plan to organize a small
party at your house with family members and relatives to mark the celebration of Uttarayan
With Great Devotion,
Fervor And Gaiety,
With Rays Of Joy And Hope,
Wish You And Your Family,
Happy Makar Sankranti…

Wish You Happy 2020 Maker Sankranti.

Thank You
Blog by: Astrologer Jayesh Dave ji